BBI: Sub-epidermal Moisture Measurement – The State of the Art

Monday, February 22, 2021 19:10 - 19:30

This educational webinar led by Prof Zena Moore investigates the science underpinning sub-epidermal moisture assessment in pressure ulcer/injury prevention care pathways. The session will include the following key elements:

1.      Why should we be interested in SEM assessment – the challenges of current standard of care for pressure injury/ulcer prevention will be detailed?
2.      What does the literature say about SEM assessment? Key learnings from the international literature will be summarised.
3.      An overview of the RCSI clinical studies will be shared reviewing the methodologies and key outcomes will be discussed especially in terms of implications to clinical practice. This will include 7 studies (n=687) in acute medicine/surgery and long term care.